Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Keep the magic of the tooth fairy alive..

with Twinkle Toof

Make sure the "Toof Fairy" finds your child's fallen toofs with this glow in the dark toof-shaped toof-keeper.Twinkle Toof opens to reveal a secret toof compartment, and a clip to hold your secret notes and money!
Just arrived at Baby House so check them out!


Do you have a little Houdini baby who loves to be swaddled, yet always seems to wiggle their way out? Then you need a SwaddleMe wrap by Kiddopotamus.
A simple concept and easy to use, yet so effective at keeping babies swaddled and feeling comforted.The new double velboa range is so soft you will wish they made them in adult size!


We recently attended the Toy Fair in Melbourne. Wow! How much fun. So many fantastic and innovative products. We are waiting on orders to come through so be sure to keep checking over the next few weeks to see what wonderful finds we made at the fair.